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Last Tuesday was week 8 of WERCBench Labs.  Before class started, teams were able to enjoy a Lunch N Learn from members of the Wipfli team.  This was a great conversation between start-up teams, mentors, and the Wipfli team on taxes, auditing, and accounting.

After the Lunch N Learn, teams got updates from M-WERC staff and the teams shared updates on their customer interviews.

When all of the updates were out of the way, they moved on to their lesson from Dave Linz on investors and partners after a brief review of previous lessons.  Part of week 8’s lesson was a round table discussion on customers with regard to pricing structures.

Week 9’s lesson was held a day late to allow teams to attend M-WERC’s open member meeting yesterday at Discovery World’s Pilot House.  After taking in gorgeous views of the city of Milwaukee, teams, members, and guests heard two panel discussions on Smart Cities Technology and were able to attend the M-WERC holiday event.

Before class started this week, teams had the opportunity to tour the renovated facilities with M-WERC staff.  Following the tour, teams heard updates from the M-WERC staff and the following start-up teams:

  • Sciart, LLC
  • Terraoak
  • H2Q

Both Dave Linz and Dave Zachman taught class this week.  The main objectives this week were to be able to identify resources for handling cost structure, determining key milestones to establish whether or not the company is profitable and sustainable, and identify important factors for moving forward in the following weeks.

Next week will be the last class held before the holidays and will resume in January.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts on the progress of teams at WERCBench Labs, as well as regular team updates and mentor features.  For more information on WERCBench Labs, visit

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