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This week, WERCBench Labs teams began the second half of their 12-week program here at M-WERC.

Before class started this week, teams were fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a Lunch N Learn with two of Godfrey & Kahn’s attorneys on the topics of capital, crowd funding, and financials. John McDonald and Kristin Irgens took an hour to cover these topics. Instead of lecturing, John and Kristin led a great discussion, and teams also had some great questions for them.

After the Lunch N Learn, teams got their weekly updates from M-WERC staff and went through their interview status before beginning class. The teams with the most customer interviews this week are TERRAOAK and STEMheo, leading the pack with 58 and 53 interviews logged, respectively. 

All teams were set to give their five-minute pitches in preparation for Demo Day in January. Team pitches are getting better and more refined each week, and the M-WERC team can’t wait to hear their final pitches come January.

We’re into the second half of the WERCBench Labs program, and Dave Linz was our instructor, taking over for Dave Zachman. After a brief review of everything teams have learned so far, Dave started covering the topics of business models and revenue streams. He also stressed that it is important for teams to refocus their efforts for the last weeks of class, especially since many teams are behind in customer interviews.  As always, when the lesson was over teams had the chance to meet with their mentors.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts on the progress of teams at WERCBench Labs.

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