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It’s week 6 here at WERCBench Labs, and the teams continue to dig deep into their products and companies with instructor Dave Zachman of The Commons.

Like weeks prior, many teams come to the Energy Innovation Center before class begins at 1:00 PM to continue work, meet with mentors, or bounce ideas off of other teams.  This week, we are seeing many new faces, both those of team members and mentors!

Before the weekly lesson begins, teams report on the number of customer interviews they’ve completed.  At the halfway point, instructors expect teams to be sitting at around 50 interviews!  TERRAOAK has completed the expected 50, and Iconac and STEMhero are close behind at 43 and 30, respectively. 

This week we heard team updates from the following teams: SciArt, TERRAOAK, Process Machine, and Iconac.  Just like last week, and from this week on, teams are expected to keep their presentations to five minutes in order to get regular practice for their final presentations for Demo Day in January.  The teams are doing a great job making excellent strides to provide the audience with concise information on their products and services.

After team updates, Dave reviewed the elements of a good pitch so teams can prepare for their next presentation, the week after next.  He also reviewed each team’s MVP, and we got to see some great examples!

The bulk of this week’s lesson focused on high value selling, and how teams can solve problems for their customers by asking questions and providing value.  Teams practiced their techniques, and then broke off into groups to work with their mentors for the remainder of class.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts on the progress of teams at WERCBench Labs, as well as regular team updates and mentor features.  For more information on WERCBench Labs, visit

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