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WERCBench Labs teams are almost to the halfway point! This last week was week 5 of the program, and teams were taught once again by Dave Zachman from The Commons. 

This week was much like last week and the week’s prior.  Dave and the M-WERC team went through general updates and announcements before WERCBench Labs teams went over their customer interviews for the week.

After teams went through the content and number of customer interviews, we had five teams this week report of their companies.  STEMHero, H2Q, Puresine, Revolt, and Improovment were this week’s team to present. 

Before starting this week’s updates, Dave suggested to the teams that they should, “begin with the end in mind.”  Teams will present at WERCBench Labs Demo Day in January, each with five minutes to present.  So that teams are ready, they each got five minutes to present today.  After each presentation and again using the “I like, I wish, I wonder” format of feedback, other teams and mentors made suggestions and comments on the other teams’ progress.

The lesson this week was focused on competition and competitive differentiation.  Teams worked to determine how their product differs from competitors based on the following criteria:

  • Competitive uniqueness, something their product does that no other competitor does;
  • Competitive advantage, what you can prove your product does better than competitors;
  • Competitive parity, what all competitors do; and
  • Competitive disadvantage, what competitors can offer that you can’t.

After the lesson, teams broke out into groups with their mentors to work more on their own competitive differentiation and come up with the problems that their product can solve for end users.

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts on the progress of teams at WERCBench Labs, as well as regular team updates and mentor features.  For more information on WERCBench Labs, visit

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