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Terraoak aims at saving lives and the environment through a patent-pending stove that significantly reduces smoke pollution and generates electricity from heat.

The inspiration came from Max’s (CEO & Cofounder) personal experience of losing his grandmother, owing to vision problems and respiratory issues from smoke pollution.

Globally, 3 Billion people rely on firewood to prepare meals. And every year 4.3 Million people—approximately the population size of Kentucky—die from smoke pollution from open fires and inefficient cookstoves.

Inspired and driven to save lives, Max and Godwin (CTO & Cofounder) developed a solution to solve this growing global problem: Genesys Cooker.

The beauty of the Genesys Cooker is that is offers a multi-pronged solution—it is able to reduce smoke pollution from cooking and equally generate efficient electricity so the end-user can conveniently recharge mobile devices. This is what differentiates the Genesys Cooker from other existing stoves, in addition to the pending Utility Patent on its proprietary technology.

After the team developed this stove, they realized that, aside from the international market, the electricity-generating feature of their product would also appeal to a market in the U.S. comprised of campers, tailgaters, etc.
This prompted them to aim at launching a version of their stove that could be used outdoors by campers.

Therefore, the goal for attending the MWERC Accelerator Program is to launch their product with the early adopters in the camping market. The revenue generated from the outdoor market would help facilitate Terraoak’s efforts in developing societies across the globe.
Like Toms and Warby Parker, Terraoak will also be implementing a one-for-one model—whereby for every sale here in the U.S., a stove would be donated to a household in need in developing societies. To help facilitate their international efforts, Terraoak has partnered with the U N’s Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Terraoak has also achieved traction including, but not limited to, funding from Duke Energy, The Resolution Project and Yale. They also won a video Innovation Competition for the Genesys Cooker from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

At Terraoak, Max & Godwin are dedicated to saving lives and the environment through cutting-edge innovation in clean tech products.

If you believe in Terraoak’s mission and want to learn more about how you can support their product launch, here, in Wisconsin, contact the team at:

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