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STEMhero is a cloud based software and curriculum that makes energy and water consumption analysis the foundation for students learning math and science.

We started STEMhero after being struck by the fact that many utilities are expecting a large portion of their workforce to reach retirement age within the next decade. At the same time, water and energy data, as a team of teachers we also recognize that water and energy data could provide the type of hands-on and personally relevant STEM learning that teachers around the world are looking for.

We aim to close the science, technology, education, and math (STEM) workforce gap for water and energy utilities by making water and energy consumption analysis a key part of every student’s STEM education. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering & Math.

For a startup, one of the reasons why you look to get into an accelerator is to be pushed to validate your assumptions with potential customers. Another big aspect of doing an accelerator is to talk with people that know more than you do, even if it’s before your team feels ready.

WERCBench Labs as an accelerator has indeed set the bar high by pushing us to interview upwards of 100 potential customers to validate – or more likely invalidate potential hypothesis for our business proposition.  This means reaching out to a ton of people who have experience in community relations and conservation programming with utilities.

The WERCBench Labs program could not have come at a better time, because our background (coming out of the BREW accelerator at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee and the education technology accelerator 4.0 schools in New Orleans) gives us confidence that STEMhero is offering a product of value for teachers and water providers. We now get to investigate how those values are similar and different within the energy sector.

To all of our readers who have experience with community engagement or conservation programming with utilities – sorry for the interruption ahead of time, but expect a call from us soon!

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