Blog 2016-12-01 03:27:44

SciArt first crossed paths with M-WERC back in July when we were looking for advice on how to move forward with our startup. Based on advice from Jim Mathes and Teresa Esser of M-WERC, we applied to WERCBench Labs, and gained access to a vast network of mentors in the energy research consortium.

Joining WERCBench labs is one of the best things we could have done. We just finished week six of WERCBench labs, and for the past several weeks, we primarily focused on our value proposition, sales pitch, and customer segments. Going over these topics has been immensely helpful in refining our business model canvas with a clear vision of our beachhead market strategy. Besides this, we were also required to interview ten potential customers every week. While this task seemed daunting at first, it has been getting easier with every passing week, and has also been very helpful in defining our customer base and refining our value proposition.

SciArt’s technology accelerates the design development process for prototyping physical products. Engineers input the specifications, requirements, and limitations for a product, and SciArt's software rapidly returns a range of optimal designs that meet those requirements. The software reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating unnecessary material while maintaining the structural integrity, at an average rate of 60x faster than current solutions.

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