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Update on M-WERC Smart Cities Working Group

A second version of a report detailing opportunities to expand Smart Cities activities in Milwaukee was just released. The updates to the report were informed by feedback gathered at the June 6th kick off meeting of M-WERC’s new Smart Cities Working Group, as well as subsequent surveying of participants.

The Smart Cities Working Group will focus on the Internet of Things, connectivity solutions, advanced sensors and big data and how they can transform how cities and municipalities provide a connected urban environment for their workers, residents, and visitors. The Working Group will take lessons from efforts in other cities to solicit and demonstrate innovative pilots that are uniquely suited to already identified target demonstration sites. In July M-WERC staff toured Urbanova in Spokane, Washington. The smart cities initiative is located within the 770 acre University District near Spokane’s downtown, and is led by founding partners including Avista, the City of Spokane, Itron, McKinstry, and Washington State University. Projects underway already include a smart and connected streetlight pilot from which ten different sensors track indicators from noise levels to particulate matter concentration. Shared between Urbanova and Milwaukee is a commitment to engage residents to put forth use cases for the technologies that impact the lives of local residents.

If you would like more information about this working group, please contact Nathan Conroy,

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