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Since launching in 2009 sponsored research has remained one of the fundamental value propositions M-WERC provides.

Often referred to as our Technology Innovation effort, the program has focused on pre-competitive research in which M-WERC industry research members partner with University members to jointly execute projects in areas aimed at applied research and development. 

The projects initially centered on general proposals made by the combined teams, then migrated to key technology focus areas identified through M-WERC’s industry roadmaps.

As the environment for our members changed, M-WERC leadership began to solicit feedback. “Based on the feedback we received, TI 2.0 is an answer to the technology and innovation challenges,” said Bruce Beihoff, M-WERC’s director of technology innovation

TI 2.0 builds on the original foundation, offering projects mixed between targeted pre-competitive and company defined/sponsored based on a cost sharing model (M-WERC and a minimum of 50% from the company)

Projects must be aligned along a continuum of research and development pipelines in cross-cutting technologies critical to driving the Energy Power and Control industries.

“We’re in the process of starting to gather information about potential projects with a goal of identifying specific projects to starting near the end of April,” said Beihoff.

“Discussions are underway to develop co-operative research agreements to better reflect the desires of our members. “We’re excited about the progress we’ve made and the new opportunities our strong membership have contributed  to further guide TI 2.0” said Alan Perlstein, CEO and Executive Director of M-WERC

If you’d like to learn more about opportunities for fund projects or have projects you’d like to submit for funding please contact us by phone at (414) 444-8208.

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