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Technology Innovation (TI) Program

M-WERC’s Technology Innovation (research) program combines industry and academic insight and research capabilities to drive knowledge and technology development for its member companies and universities in the energy, power and controls.

Past projects have included research on micro grids, electric machine-drive systems, charging stations, energy storage, power conversion systems, grid automation and control, advanced building automation, fiber optic current sensors and converting waste heat to electricity. See below for a complete list of research projects.

“M-WERC research funding has focused on five targeted technology pipelines to guide activity and increase productivity. The pipeline process allows our members to gain access to a broader technology and applied research community across a number of research institutions,” said M-WERC Executive Director and CEO Alan Perlstein. “Our researchers deliver expert knowledge distillation practices and access to expert working group guidance. For the last six years our members have benefited from these research activities as they identify critical system evolution, gaps and technology solutions to enable improved competitiveness of their business through a portfolio of built to order research programs.”

The five areas of focus include:

  • Energy, Power, Control Systems Architecture
  • Power Conversion Systems
  • Control and Data Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Power Distribution and Protection 

In 2017 through 2019 M-WERC will focus its activities on two pipelines areas, Work will be initiated in Power Conversion Systems as well as a combination of Control Systems Architecture and Control and Data Systems. These two pipelines will enable a continuum of precompetitive research on key cross cutting technologies enabling drive technologies, sensors and advanced data architecture systems. Work continues to refine and expand the technology research program at M-WERC as we build on our success and continue to work with our research members of our Technology Innovation Committee.

“We have a number of exciting projects under review and hope to make a decision on our next round of funding before the end of 2017,” said M-WERC’s director of innovation Bruce Beihoff. “We invite our members to participate in the revamped Technology Innovation Committee of M-WERC that will help guide members down the path forward for new technology development and applications that will grow the Energy Power and Controls sector here in the Midwest region and across national and international markets”.

A full Technology Innovation (TI) Committee meeting will be held on December 19, to discuss TI research plans for 2018, all research members will be invited to attend.


2015-2016 Projects

Design and Implementation of micro grid Lab (Phase II – Project Extension)

2013-2014 Projects
Hybrid Energy Module Development for High-Efficiency Buildings

Development of Next Generation Efficient Integrated Power System

Solutions for Power Electronic Circuits with Wide-Bandgap Devices

Modeling and Design Optimization of High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Machine-Drive Systems

Developing a Model of an NZE (Net Zero Energy)

Energy Storage, Demand Response, and Renewable Energy Interaction

2011-2012 Projects
Virtual Retrofit Model for Aging Commercial Buildings in a Smart Grid Environment

Distributed Power Conversion Architecture for Microgrids and Integrations of RE Sources 

Integration of Second-Life Batteries into an EV Charging Station with RE Sources

Graphene-Tin Hybrid Nanomaterials for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries

Enhancements of Fiber Optics Current Sensors for Metering Applications

Microgrid Lab Development Phase II

2010-2011 Projects
DC Distribution for Wind Farms to Achieve Higher Efficiency, Reliability and Lower Cost

Condition Monitoring and Predictive Diagnostics for Wind Turbine Blade Pitch Control Systems

Current Sensors for Smart Grid Applications

Permanent Magnet Machines in Wind Energy Generation & Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

New Energy Storage Technologies and Power Converter Topologies for Wind Turbines

DERS/Microgrid Lab Development Phase I

2009-2010 Projects
High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries Based on SnO2 Nanoparticles

CO2 Recycling and Sequestration via Algae Grown with Coal-Fueled Power Plant Flue Gas

Ultra Efficient Si/SiGe Nanowire Thermoelectric Materials for Converting Waste Heat to Electricity

Developing a Business Case for Sustainable Asset Renewal of Existing Buildings

Probabilistic Methods for High Wind Penetrated Power Systems

Design of Cost-competitive, Fuel-flexible, Low NOX Burners with a Range of Firing Rates

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