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M-WERC continues work on the Energy Innovation Center buildout.  We had a very successful Holiday Event and business networking reception on December 18th where we premiered the initial space in the Energy Innovation Center.

(Greg Meier and Clean Energy Trust staff)

Our space on the seventh floor of the facility will be devoted to the first wave of Business Start-Ups that we will be bringing into the building in a few months.  It is also home to our "Business Service Providers", companies that will have office space on the seventh floor of the facility to provide mentoring and business services to the start-up companies once they arrive.
With the completion of this initial space on the Seventh Floor, we are now turning our attention to the Second and Third Floors of the Energy Innovation Center:
On the Third Floor, we are exploring a couple different options right now with several of our Corporate and Academic members to establish two Discovery Labs on this floor of the facility. These labs will provide research space for state-of-the art technical research on technologies in the Energy, Power and Controls sector that is not being performed anywhere else.  These labs are critical to the success of M-WERC and our members and will provide these benefits:

  • Solidification of M-WERC's role as a global hub for the EPC industries by building a physical platform for all aspects of research and industry growth and mission areas.
  • Establishment of a unique place to create, test and license new EPC technologies, along with test facilities to showcase and demonstrate new products and technologies.
  • Guidance and mentoring from our members to start-ups.
  • Observation and interaction opportunities for M-WERC members with the start-ups in the community and eco-system that is established over the next 1-2 years

With our new "M-WERC Business Innovation Team" on-board and up-to-speed, Greg Meier and Nick Wichert are leading efforts to create the programming and processes that will allow us to bring in our first set of Business Start-Ups into the "Energy Innovation Center Accelerator" during the second quarter of this year. They are developing the criteria and attraction elements that will bring Business Start-Ups into our accelerator that align well with our focus on Energy, Power, and Controls - and bringing with them technology concepts that directly align with the results of the M-WERC Strategic Roadmaps completed to date, including the Energy Storage Systems Roadmap which is in the final stages of wrapping-up.
When we announce further details regarding the Energy Innovation Center Accelerator later this quarter, we will unveil an approach that includes:

  • Programming including advanced business model training and development workshops and technical seminars.
  • State-of-the-art facilities to grow business start-ups and provide networking opportunities to find capital and customers.
  • Access to corporations that have insight into new technologies and markets with the opportunity to go-to-market with innovative new companies. 

Stay tuned for news updates and announcements in the coming weeks, or track development in our Energy Innovation Center discussion board on LinkedIn.

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