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Recently, M-WERC partnered with The New North on developing Wisconsin Supply Chain initiative featuring a free new tool was rolled out to support growth strategies: The Wisconsin Supply Chain Marketplace.

The Supply Chain Marketplace is an online sourcing tool that connects buyers and suppliers.  Originally designed to assist companies within the defense industry who were experiencing an economic decline due to the cyclical nature of government contracts, the marketplace expanded to include seven specific industries: Aviation & Aerospace, Food & Beverage, the Water Industry, Defense, Lakeshore Manufacturing, Wisconsin Wind Works, North Coast Marine, Forest Products and Automotive, and Energy Systems.

Supported by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, a new partnership with the Midwest Energy Research Consortium has exciting potential for further growth of the Supply Chain Marketplace.  The goal is to leverage the assets and skills of both organizations to introduce businesses to the SCM. 

Participants create a profile, specifying the sectors which they serve.  Those in search of a supplier can post a Request for Proposal (RFP) within the Supply Chain Marketplace and their RFP automatically will be shared with suppliers in the relevant categories. It’s that easy.

The marketplace already has a track record of increasing sales, locally and beyond, as buyers readily identify potential suppliers, often right in their backyard.

Initial research has shown a very strong demand on a national basis for suppliers in the energy, power and controls sector – many of which are based in Wisconsin and M-WERC members developing exciting partnership opportunities for the New North and Midwest Energy Research Consortium.

New North Inc. and M-WERC are collaborating to have a strong presence at the Power-Gen International Trade Show, Dec. 5-7 in Las Vegas.  At the show, a marketing booth will highlight the robust supplier network in Wisconsin within the energy, power, and control sector.

“We believe that the partnership between the Wisconsin Supply Chain Marketplace and M-WERC has the potential to drive new business in new and unique ways as suppliers are matched with companies in need of their products and services,” said Connie Loden, senior project manager for New North Inc., who oversees the Supply Chain Marketplace.  “Matches already are being made.”

Loden cites a recent example where a member of the Water Council and M-WERC hosted a group of buyers from the Middle East to look at sourcing of energy-system engineering, components and parts.  As part of that meeting, New North introduced the assembled buyers to the marketplace, as a resource tool for them in meeting their export needs for energy-plant developments in the Middle East.

Wisconsin organizations within the energy, power, and controls sector should waste no time in creating a profile, which will allow them to be part of the Go-To-Market presence at Power-Gen.

Other positives of participating in the marketplace include the ability to showcase company competencies, to be a part of database searches via keywords and categories, a connection tool for B2B activities, and ready supplier identification.

Regular events are held for the benefit of SCM participants – matching buyers to suppliers, such industry cluster meet-ups hosted by companies such as Kohler Power and Gearbox Express.

Nearly 400 organizations already have established marketplace profiles.  For more information or to sign up please visit

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