Newsletter 2015-03-23 12:49:13

M-WERC hosted their most recent member meeting in January as the guest of M-WERC member GreenFire Management Services at the newly built Potawatami Hotel and Casino.

Nearly 130 guests were in attendance as experts from both academic and industry leaders in the bioenergy space gave presentations on the current national picture of biogas as well as insight on how the future of American energy could include bio-digesters and other bioenergy technologies.
Speakers included:
-    Allison Costa, Environmental Protection Agency
-    Bernie Sheff, American Biogas Council
-    Dr. Rebecca Larson, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
-    Ryan Rudnitzki, GE-Waukesha
-    Dan Goymerac, Miron Construction
-    Joe Kramer, Wisconsin Energy Institute
-    Charles Opferman, Greenfire Management Services
The presentations and panel explored the utilization of organic waste streams from farms, food processing facilities, municipalities, and wastewater treatment plants, among others, to produce electricity and thermal energy. Discussion also focused on innovative technologies and best practices to turn organic waste into energy, and policies that create new jobs and facilitate rural development by providing additional income streams for local communities, farms, and businesses. Following the panel, attendees toured the Potawatomi's new bio-digester facility, which provides electricity and thermal energy to the facility.

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