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The Energy Water Nexus working group held thier third meeting last week on June 23 at @MWERC. Stephen Memory of AO Smith and David Garman of UWM lead the group as they finalized areas of focus and plans for the remainder of the year. Given the State of Wisconsin's support of M-WERC and The Water Council, collaborative efforts between these two organizations through this working group has received rave reviews not only here in Wisconsin but throughout the country as people are looking to our region as the hub of these two technology focus areas. 

On June 2, Alan Perlstein and John Bobrowich traveled to Boston where they met with leaders of the MA Clean Energy Center who characterized our EWN public report as "groundbreaking."

The MA Clean Energy Center is particularly interested in identifying and developing EWN technologies that save both water and energy. Given the significant cost of water and electricity on the east coast markets like those present great opportunities for technologies that emerge from this collaboration. 

In addition to the June 2 presentation David Garman and Alan Perlstein led a session on the Energy Water Nexus in Chicago during the Quarterly Meeting hosted by the Alliance for Regional Development on June 6. Nearly 50 persons participated in the session including representatives of Alliance for Water Efficiency and Alliance for Water Stewardship

The Energy Water Nexus working group's next meeting will be on July 20, immediately following the @MWERC Annual Meeting. For further information on the EWN WG contact Nate Conroy at

The Energy Water Nexus working group activities for the remainder of 2017 will focus on:

  • Creating Awareness of  EWN for Regional Industry and Heavy Users
  • Integrating EWN WG Focus Areas into All relevant TWC and M-WERC Activities/Programming
  • Developing Supportive & Collaborative Partnerships
  • Attracting New Members to WG & EWN
  • Establishing EWN Industry Development Supportive Programs
  • Promotion of Ideas, Technologies and Business Models that Save Energy & Water
  • Develop Funding Models for Regional EWN Development

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