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We are pleased to announce that the forth and final Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Industry Roadmap Workshop and readout will occur on March 25, 2015 from 1:30 to 5:00 p.m. at the Energy Innovation Center in Milwaukee. This final workshop will be preceded by a very special Member Meeting at nearby DRS Technologies which will also focus exclusively on Energy Storage. Please see the separate article in this edition of the Power Post for more information regarding the special upcoming Member Meeting.
The ESS Industry Workshop Meeting will provide participants with some very deep insight regarding the following topics:

  • Market Size. We have provided 6 years of ESS historical data and 10 years of a forward looking forecast based on our digestion of several different independent market forecasts. We expect the market to grow by approximately 400% by 2024
  • Market Segmentation. We have identified and deeply studied five unique market segments. We expect that at least one market segment will grow at nearly 40% a year, while three others will be growing at nearly a 20% clip per year.
  • Market Drivers. We have identified the major market drivers and pivot points for each market segment. These results were heavily influenced by a custom M-WERC survey whose results will be presented at this meeting.
  • New Technologies. In addition to various battery technologies, we have explored several new technologies: Fuel-free CAES, Biodigesters and Thermal Storage for Gas Turbine Inlet Chilling.
  • Market Players and Supporters. We have added a new feature to our industry roadmaps by developing a comprehensive ESS industry and supporter data base which will be provided with the final report. We have identified overly 200 companies and supportive organizations in this industry community.
  • Regional Action Plan. The report includes a proposed action plan for each of M-WERC's mission committees. The meeting will provide a breakout session enabling each participant to help finalize and fine tune one of the five action plans to help the Midwest lead the US energy storage industry.

You must be registered by no later than Wednesday, March 18 due to security considerations at our host organization.  Participation will be limited to M-WERC members who are current with their most recent annual contribution invoice. Please contact Mike Hanson or Jeff Anthony if you have any questions regarding the meeting or if you wish to confirm that your membership status is current.
We look forward to seeing you on March 25!

Only M-WERC members in full standing may participate in the roadmap process and gain access to the final report and research data. If you are interested in joining M-WERC to enable participation or purchasing a pass to participate in the workshops, please contact Mike Hanson at

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