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Distributed Energy/Energy Storage

The Distributed Energy/Energy Storage (DE/ES) working group is M-WERC’s largest Working Group with over 80 members from throughout the Midwest. The DE/ES was formed in early 2016 an has grown steadily under the leadership of co-chairs Paul Poblocki from Johnson Controls and Adel Nasiri from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

This working group is developing a series of whitepapers on both distributed energy and energy storage to scope out key issues and topics that will provide a framework to address issues of interest to Working Group members. The next full DE/ES working group meeting will take place in December, but this week, there are meetings planned for the two subcommittees focusing on:

  • Energy Storage – this subcommittee is working on plans for the 2nd Annual M-WERC Energy Storage Conference (to be held in February or March of 2018) as well as a series of Energy Storage case studies.
  • Microgrids – coming off the very successful and well-received 2nd Annual M-WERC Microgrids Confence held last month on October 19, this subcommittee is now focusing on issuing a “Request for Information” (RFI) for the Century City Microgrid (CCMG) Project.

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