Public Policy Committee

Purpose:   The purpose of the M-WERC Public Policy Committee is to carry out one of M-WERC’s primary areas:  Support of policy in the energy, power, and controls industries.

The Committee focuses on the identification, education, and dissemination of information related to local, state, regional and federal policy issues that impact the energy, power, and controls industries and are of potential interest to M-WERC member companies. Currently, in addition to federal law/policy, the Committee is focusing on regulatory issues and policies in the following states: Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota as well as other selected states that have adopted innovative energy policies. The Committee does not promote, lobby for, or advocate for any given issue, but instead focuses on education and awareness. The Committee is made up of representatives from M-WERC member companies and is supported and facilitated by M-WERC Staff.

Scope of Work: The Committee will convene and create an annual action plan for implementation of its mission statement.

Leadership: The Public Policy Committee is led by two co-chairs, both from M-WERC member companies, and the facilitation and organization of the Committee will be supported by one of more M-WERC Staff.  The current co-chairs are:

  • Art Harrington, Godfrey & Kahn
  • Dan Tarrence, Franklin Energy

Regular Meetings:

The M-WERC Public Policy Committee meets the first Monday of everything month, either at an in-person meeting or a conference call.  M-WERC members should join these meetings/calls if interested in learning more about the Committee.

How to Get Involved:

The M-WERC Public Policy Committee is open to members of the Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) as well as partner organizations of M-WERC.  Membership options exist for companies large and small, as well as academic organizations, non-profits / NGOs, as well as individuals and entrepreneurial start-ups.  If interested in learning more about M-WERC membership or specific questions on the Public Policy Committee, please contact us at:

M-WERC Member Policy Committee Content

M-WERC Policy Committee – energy policy resource guide (COMING SOON)

M-WERC Policy Committee – members-only documents (COMING SOON)

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