Energy Water Nexus

Purpose: The purpose of the M-WERC Energy Water Nexus (EWN) Working Group (WG) is to bring together M-WERC members involved directly in the energy and water related fields for collaboration on suggested topics from the Roadmap and of common interest to these members. By establishing the working group, M-WERC will help advance the market and industry development of the new EWN industry.

Scope of Work: The working group will establish an action plan for the year 2017 based on the suggested action plan in the EWN Roadmap and the mutual interests of the working group.  

The action plan will consider actions recommended by the EWN Roadmaps such as:

  1. Holding educational activities such as meetings and conferences to expand awareness among regional stakeholders and the public at large regarding the EWN market opportunity
  2. Identifying how EWN related topics and activities can be better integrated into M-WERC, the TWC and other regional activities and events
  3. Promoting our regional strength in the EWN market by communicating the exceptional cluster of companies, universities and major EWN projects already undertaken within the region
  4. Reducing regulatory impediments to EWN project development
  5. Furthering the regional business case for EWN projects in collaboration
  6. Seeking grant funding for industry and pilot project development, technology innovation, workforce development and furthering the development causes of the WG
  7. Identifying and attracting other regional organizations not yet engaged with the EWN WG

This action plan will be guided by the working group to narrow development to assess items of interest and turn these items of interest into targets, goals, and objectives.  


Leadership: The EWN Working Group will be led by two chairs, both from M-WERC member companies. 

M-WERC Staff Support:

  • Alan Perlstein
  • John Bobrowich
  • Nate Conroy

Regular Meetings:

The M-WERC Energy Water Nexus Working Group meets the fourth Thursday of everything month, either at an in-person meeting or a conference call.  M-WERC members should join these meetings/calls if interested in learning more about the Working Group.

How to Get Involved:

The M-WERC Energy Water Nexus Working Group is open to members of the Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) as well as partner organizations of M-WERC.  Membership options exist for companies large and small, as well as academic organizations, non-profits / NGOs, as well as individuals and entrepreneurial start-ups.  If interested in learning more about M-WERC membership or specific questions on the Energy Water Nexus Working Group, please contact us at:

M-WERC Member Energy Water Nexus Content

M-WERC EWN– members-only documents (COMING SOON)

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