Technology Innovation

Our Objective

We help discover, develop and transfer the new technology products and systems required to enable our Members to be leaders in their field. Our research combines the leading faculty and laboratory capabilities of the region’s top Engineering Universities and leading Technical Colleges to conduct research in the energy, power and control fields.

M-WERC Technology Innovation Committee

Our Technology Innovation Committee identifies pre-competitive research opportunities based on our unique technology roadmaps and M-WERC sponsored research centers that develop new technologies that will drive the future of the Energy, Power & Control industry in our core technology focus areas. The Technology Innovation Committee is led by two M-WERC Board Members and the M-WERC Director of Innovation. For more information on who is leading the Technology Innovation Mission area, please visit the Organizational Overview.  

Committee Responsibilities

  • Innovative R&D
  • New Discoveries and Intellectual Property
  • Research Centers
  • Intellectual Property Exchange
  • External Grant Funding
  • Strategic Research Partnerships

M-WERC Research Projects & Capabilities

  • M-WERC harnesses the power of our leading universities and technical colleges to provide cutting-edge research capabilities
  • M-WERC teams academia with research professionals from our industrial members to achieve defined research results within a 1 year project cycle
  • Each M-WERC research project typically includes participation by multiple universities, multiple sponsoring industrial members and at least one technical college

For more information on M-WERC member University research capabilities, just click on the a logo:

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee University of Wisconisin Madison Milwaukee School of Engineering Marquette University


M-WERC Research

M-WERC Research Overview

M-WERC Research Focus


Recent Research Projects & Lead Principle Investigators

1. Enhancements of Fiber Optics Current Sensors for Metering Applications – Chiu Tai Law, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2. Distributed Power Conversion Architecture for Microgrids and Integrations of Renewable Energy Sources – Yehui Han, University of Wisconsin-Madison
3. Planning and Design of Advanced Microgrid Test-bed Facilities in Milwaukee and Madison – Adel Nasiri, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Tom Jahns, University of Wisconsin-Madison
4. Integration of Second-Life Batteries into an EV Charging Station with Renewable Energy Sources – Adel Nasiri, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
5. Graphene-Tin Hybrid Nanomaterials for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries – Junhong Chen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
6. Virtual Retrofit Model for Aging Commercial Buildings in a Smart Grid Environment – Jeong-Han Woo, Milwaukee School of Engineering


List of Completed M-WERC Research Projects



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