Energy-Water Nexus Industry Roadmap

Letter from M-WERC and The Water Council

The Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) and The Water Council (TWC) are proud to issue this public version of our first joint industry roadmap report collaboration. This roadmap report focuses on the Energy-Water Nexus (EWN) industry and is designed to provide a sample for the public at large of this highly informative roadmap report along with an exciting opportunity for our region.

The EWN market is growing and poised for rapid and disruptive growth. It is our projection that the market will grow dramatically from the current $240 Billion to nearly $500 Billion by 2025. Our unique view of the industry was shaped by a series of five workshops attracting over 400 member participants of M-WERC and TWC over a twelve-month period. Deep insight for the report was provided by dozens of experts from the Midwest region and beyond.

This roadmapping effort has resulted in a truly landmark report as it significantly expands the baseline EWN opportunity set to include many large water and energy embedded consuming applications in agriculture, industry, buildings and residences outside of the traditional water and energy cycles. The report also defines and classifies six market segments and numerous products that make up the industry. The report provides additional value by drawing focus on the most potentially impactful applications which we classify as the EWN core market. Unlike other EWN reports, our project contains detailed market projections, by market segment, from both top down and bottom up projections. The report highlights key cross cutting technologies in sensors, drives, & controls systems, data management that are growth engines for EWN markets.  

For more information on The Energy-Water Nexus Roadmap, or to join the Energy-Water Nexus Working Group contact us at

The roadmap project has been a great inaugural collaborative project for both of our organizations. We would like to thank each of our respective members, the EWN Steering Committee and the joint M-WERC/TWC project team for their very impactful efforts.

Alan S. Perlstein
Executive Director & CEO
Midwest Energy Research Consortium
Dean Amhaus
President & CEO
The Water Council
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