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Please join the Midwest Energy Research Consortium for an important meeting to launch our new Energy/Water Nexus (EWN) Working Group.

The launch meeting will:

  • Feature the report’s authors
  • Share valuable highlights & tools from the report
  • Introduce the M-WERC WG charter
  • Discuss WG Leadership
  • Demonstrate how the WG can impact the EWN
  • Illustrate EWN WG potential participant benefits
  • Obtain participant feedback and interest

This formation of the EWN Working Group is the first major action step following the successful completion of the EWN Industry Roadmap for this nearly $500B market. This Working Group formation meeting will be led by Alan Perlstein and David Garman will include the leadership team of the EWN Roadmap: Mark Siira, Robert Eckard, Elizabeth Thelen and John Bobrowich.

This launch meeting is open to all M-WERC and the Water Council members. Ultimate participation in the WG will require M-WERC membership. An introductory discount is available to Water Council Members

To sign up for the Working Group meeting, click on the link below.

Register Here

Please contact Michael Hanson with any questions about the event or registration.

Thank you for your attention and response, and we look forward to seeing them at the Energy Water Nexus Working Group formation meeting.


John Bobrowich

Please Join Us at the M-WERC OPEN MEMBER MEETING  April 11th from 8:00am-11:00am

Click Here to Register


Open Member meeting locations & agendas will be announced throughout the year in advance of the meetings Registration will be posted here approx. 20-30 days in advance of the meeting date.  Advance registration is required for M-WERC Open Member Meeting attendance.     

For further information: Contact M-WERC via email or call Mike Hanson at (414) 444-8208.


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