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We are combining our next Member Meeting with a Holiday Networking event, please note the new date and time. This M-WERC Member Meeting will cover the Smart Cities Technologies. Smart Cities technologies and the internet of things (IOT) applied to city and municipal infrastructure and services, have profound and significant potential to change the way people work and live in urban environments. Some of these Smart Cities technologies include, but are not limited to:

Information Communications Technology (ICT) to keep city departments and citizens informed
Public Safety and police / security related applications 
Transportation (including public transportation, parking, and traffic control)
Energy Use (including advanced energy efficiency technologies, as well as Smart Grid, microgrids, and distributed energy technologies
Waste and garbage services

On December 13, we will hear about current Smart Cities initiatives that are already in place, and then will hear what other cities are doing across the U.S. to lay the groundwork for future activities by the City of Milwaukee. We will then create a plan that can be used by other cities and municipalities across the M-WERC geographic footprint next year.  Register to reserve your place at both the member meeting and holiday event here.

Please Join Us at the M-WERC OPEN MEMBER MEETING  April 11th from 8:00am-11:00am

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Open Member meeting locations & agendas will be announced throughout the year in advance of the meetings Registration will be posted here approx. 20-30 days in advance of the meeting date.  Advance registration is required for M-WERC Open Member Meeting attendance.     

For further information: Contact M-WERC via email or call Mike Hanson at (414) 444-8208.


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